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Welcome to Sigma Solutions
We are an innovation driven Development and Consulting company focusing on providing end-to-end solutions for intricate requirements in Embedded, DSP, VLSI, Wireless & Mobile Applications. We have also achieved repute in the field of Outsourcing, Off-shoring & Corporate Training services to other product companies, apart from student training and online training.
Embedded Systems
Sigma's Embedded solutions encompass a broad range of technologies including RTOS, Embedded Linux Kernel, Device Drivers, Boot Loaders, Embedded OS Porting, Firmware Design and Microcontrollers like MCS-51, ARM, PowerPC, to name a few.
Embedded Systems Training
In the ever changing Wireless systems & Mobile landscape we have equipped ourselves in celluar technologies like GSM, CDMA, GPS, EDGE, GPRS, small distance communication technologies like RF, RFID, Zigbee, IR, Bluetooth, and Mobile handset application development like Pocket C, J2ME, Palm OS, BREW & Symbian.
Mobile & Wireless
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Digital Signal Processing
Our dedicated DSP engineers work in are audio signal processing, audio compression, digital image processing, speech processing, digital communications, Video CODECs, DSP processors (TI & Analog Devices), Filter Designs, Transforms, Noise Removal, Matlab, Scilab, Labview, LabWindows and CSR's Bluecore 5 which has inbuilt Kalimba DSP processor and supports Bluetooth V2.0.
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An advanced field which involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas. Apart from Embedded Systems Training, Sigma prides VLSI expertise in Advanced FPGA simulation, ASIC synthesis, contemporary VLSI design using Verilog & VHDL, Analog & Digital IC Design, DSP design flow.
Very Large Scale Integration
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